Donations of medical equipment” from the wholesalers of the DUI – SDS duo have become a prevalent practice, commonly referred to as the “candy business” in healthcare. Specifically, a ceremonial ribbon-cutting takes place in front of cameras, while behind the scenes, more significant transactions occur. The Health Commission of VMRO DPMNE has responded to this pattern.

The Commission raises several dilemmas and questions:

What kind of “equipment donation” are we referring to when it exclusively involves compatible reagents or materials owned and sold by the “donor” at a price they dictate?

Is there transparency, competition, equal treatment, non-discrimination, and rationality in the allocation of budget funds in such procedures?

Do these purported donations genuinely represent voluntary and unconditional assistance in the public interest, devoid of any material benefit for the donor?

Are we dealing with donations or lucrative actions consciously designed to bypass the laws governing this issue?