If Macedonia was a legal state, Venko Filipce would have been detained yesterday for the “bad blood” scandal. Filipce was also part of the scandal with the “bloody tenders with reagents”, the phantom procurement of vaccines, and many other corruption scandals, but we see that the authorities are doing nothing about it, said VMRO-DPMNE.

Regarding the latest scandal that is affecting the public, the responsibility of Filipce is that he did not take any measures to protect the citizens and their health from unverified methods. As the media inform, he as the Minister of Health knew and did not do anything, but on the contrary promoted the health institution in one way or another.

This is about completely system evasion. As we learn from the media, Filipce and the institutions allowed a medical treatment to be applied that neither domestic nor foreign institutions recognized and allowed.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office should expand the investigation and determine whether Filipce knowingly allowed this? Did Filipce have any financial benefits from this scandal? Why did Filipce, despite the warnings of certain medical authorities, allow someone on the backs of the people to carry out expensive treatments that we now know were not scientifically confirmed, asked the opposition party.