During Thursday’s meeting of the Executive Committee, VMRO-DPMNE decided to engage in the caretaker government while abstaining from voting for it, according to Timcho Mucunski, a member of the Executive Committee. Mucunski stated that the Central Committee is expected to empower party leader Hristijan Mickoski to select individuals for the caretaker government, with the names to be revealed after the Epiphany religious holiday on January 19.

The decision to participate in the caretaker government was motivated by the challenging circumstances Macedonia is currently facing, encompassing issues from crime to corruption. Mucunski highlighted concerns about the control and influence of Kovachevski and Ahmeti over the judiciary and prosecution. VMRO-DPMNE’s Executive Committee positions itself against voting for a caretaker government led by Talat Xhaferi and DUI, asserting it lacks legitimacy.

When asked about a deadline for deciding on caretaker government ministers, Mucunski mentioned that the decision will be finalized by the end of January.

Additionally, VMRO-DPMNE selected 472 delegates during the meeting to participate in the convention determining candidates for the country’s presidency. The Executive Committee also resolved to establish a negotiation commission with current coalition partners and other political parties interested in joining the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE.

Mucunski informed that the Executive Committee decided to submit an initiative to the Constitutional Court related to laws concerning the replacement of personal documents.