VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski campaigned in Kicevo today to support doctor Aleksandar Jovanovski in his mayoral run-off race on Sunday.

SDSM and DUI are in panic and they are trying to fan the flames of ethnic hatred, working to portray us as nationalists and calling on mobilization against us, often through newly founded news sites in Albanian language. The same DUI whose officials ran to vote for the VMRO led Governments but now have dehydrated from spitting on us. Zaev and the clique around him are consciously trying to increase tensions, because they fear for their money and privileges. But the voters should know that the only thing that SDSM and DUI now defend are the criminals from both parties. Ordinary Albanians face the same problems that ordinary Macedonians do, while these criminals profit off their backs and act as if they own your votes, Mickoski said, noting how criminal contracts led to the devastating hospital fire in Tetovo which killed 14 patients and family members – most of them ethnic Albanians.

In contrast to the calls for the emigrants to come and vote in Kicevo, doctor Jovanovski said that he will work to create proper living conditions to put an end to the mass emigration from the city.

We have realistic projects that can be implemented – we will go after investors to create new jobs, that will also increase the salaries in the region. I will work to replace the asbestos water pipes, to expand the sewage network, clean up the illegal dump sites and replace the facades with energy efficient materials, Jovanovski said.