The largest opposition party VMRO-DPMNE called upon the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, to take chalk and write on the schoolboard the answers to the following questions:

What cluster of the EU negotiations includes Government’s negotiations with one village (Slupchane), begging the inhabitants to pay their electricity bills? What EU cluster requires police intervention to provide security for a private electricity distribution company to its job?

What EU cluster enables a baby businessman like Drin Ahmeti to acquire a lion’s share in an exclusive business center without investing even one cent? In what cluster EU requires the acquisition of a hotel on Popova Shapka for pennies, an expensive business space for the Vice-PM brother, and a luxurious Audi A6 for the Vice-PM himself?

What cluster stipulates the burning of a hospital and the killing of 14 patients? What cluster contains the lies about the fibrosis drug Tricafta, and what cluster hides the souls of the 45 people incinerated in the Besa Trans bus?

What cluster includes the Struga Mayor’s criminal activities, and the Struga gynecologist without license that destroyed a woman’s internal organs?

What cluster stipulates a selection of an underwear production company to conduct supervision on highway construction?

What EU cluster describes the largest DUI sponsor Destani’s inexistent electric cars factory and his concession in the controversial Ilovitsa mine?

What cluster requires the issuance of Macedonian passports to dozens of international criminals?

What cluster covers the acquisition of state-owned land by the wife of the PM?

What cluster asks for a contract for highway corridor construction that includes damages for the construction company based on inexistent laws?

What cluster stipulates a condition to bring Macedonia into subjugated position and deliberately endanger its EU integrations?

In what cluster is your treason and the responsibility you are going to face?

Bujar Osmani, you should take the chalk and write with capital letters: CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS UNDER BULGARIAN DIKTAT WON’T HAPPEN! While you are at it, activate your resignation, too, although it won’t save you from the responsibility!

Only early elections can save this country, VMRO-DPMNE concludes.