For two years this government with epic incompetence has been unable to print simple textbooks, VMRO-DPMNE accuses, adding that if they were a genuine European government, the Minister of Education would have submitted his resignation today.

“But, neither the minister possesses even an ounce of integrity, nor the PM Kovachevski dares to ask for responsibility. They even shamelessly blame others for their incompetency. That is a direct offense to the citizens’ intelligence”, the party claims, adding that the lack of textbooks is just the tip of a huge iceberg of problems in the educational system.

“The teachers are not satisfied with the respect of their professional rights, the students are not satisfied with the absence of textbooks, they are all dissatisfied with the educational infrastructure. The new concept that the government pushes despite the objections of many experts, is a completely different bad story. This government created such chaos, that the biology teachers will teach chemistry, three teachers will teach one subject, and they will all grade the students… The chaos that the DUI and SDS government created will have unimaginable long-term consequences. This government destroyed education, and destroyed education means a nation with no future”, VMRO-DPMNE warns.