A basic rule, established in the practice, is to have a 2/3 majority secured prior to initiating constitutional amendments, the former parliament speaker Trajko Veljanovski explained on Friday.

He added that in accordance with Article 196, Item 1 of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia’s Rules of Procedure, the debate on amending the Constitution goes on for ten office days, followed by an immediate vote on the amendments.

“Today, September 1, completes the ten office days since the initiation of the procedure and the end of the discussion on the constitutional amendments, so the voting must take place today. Any other approach is a violation of the Rules of Procedure”, Veljanovski said.

Parliament’s Rules of Procedure don’t allow for uncertainty in a procedure of such high significance, Veljanovski stressed, adding that in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, that is its Article 67, and in accordance with Articles 6 and 60 of the Rules of Procedure, the Parliament’s Speaker only represents the Parliament and take care that the Rules of Procedure are adhered by, and takes care of the rights of the MPs.

“The Parliament brings the political decisions, not the Speaker”, Veljanovskji is adamant.

Veljanovsi offers an exit from this situation, by proposing that 20 MPS should ask for a continuation of the Parliament session No. 123 in accordance with Artice 67, Item 2 of the Rules of Procedure, and the Speaker should set a date to continue the session in accordance with Article 24, Item 2 of the Law on Parliament, after coordinating his decision of the leaders of all parliamentary groups.