The security system in Macedonia is full of incompetent and corrupt personnel who deal with crime, racketeering of businessmen and monitoring the opposition, instead of protecting the security of the state and the constitutional order. This is because the government of Kovacevski allows them to do so and probably encourages it. The scandal of granting citizenship to Onishchenko is just another indicator. This case shows that the security of Macedonia and its international image has been violated, reacts VMRO-DPMNE.

Responsibility for this affair should be sought at the very top leadership of the government, i.e. Prime Minister Kovacevski, Minister of Internal Affairs Spasovski and Director of the National Security Agency Dimovski. Let us recall that when the case was revealed to the public, both Kovacevski and Spasovski relativized and justified it, only to change their opinion after facing the public’s reaction. Therefore, the investigation should be expanded to determine whether they knew and approved the granting of citizenship to Onishchenko, who is on the blacklist of the United States. Hence, the logical question is how many cases like Onishchenko have been approved by this government, how many criminal characters have received Macedonian citizenship and how much money have those who approved it earned?

It is clear that the government of SDS and Kovacevski will try to make a mess of this case and demand responsibility from an official or clerk, just as they did with the scandal with 215 official passports granted to international mafia members, murderers, and terrorists. The tension in the government is increasing, and thus their mistakes are getting bigger. There must be accountability for this case, as for all others.