The Central Committee of VMRO-DPMNE met today to discuss the difficult economic and political situation in Macedonia, and issued a call that early general elections take place urgently and for the adoption of a set of economic measures.

We believe that this Government devastated our country and now the citizens face inflation, growing poverty, large energy costs, low salaries and worsening living standards. The situation is no less complex on the political side, with a deadend in our European integrations process due to the problem with Bulgaria that the Government created. We have no EU integration, but we have backdoor requests to give up on our identity. That is why the Central Committee of VMRO-DPMNE demands that general elections take place no later than in the spring of 2023. We support our party group in Parliament in refusing to accept changes to the Constitution as dictated by Bulgaria. We demand the urgent adoption of our 10 proposals in the area of the economy, living standards and budgetary policy, the party informed.

The economic measures include delaying to the planned tax increases and delay to the introduction of progressive taxation; delaying the planned increase of electricity bills by 5 percent; introducing value added tax exemptions over weekends; reduction in the fuel import tax; financial support for families of primary and high school students; increase in the food allowance for students and repairs of the student dorms; higher salaries for doctors and increased funding for modernization of hospitals and for diabetes treatment.