Discussing the two potential presidential candidates who could seek the VMRO-DPMNE nomination, party leader Hristijan Mickoski said that he admires both Vladimir Gjorcev and Gordana Siljanovska.

Personally, I consider professor Siljanovska to be an excellent candidate, both as a person and as a professor, she is an exceptional person who has clear positions on all crucial issues. Vlatko Gjorcev is Totti in VMRO-DPMNE, he comes from the Union of young forces of the party and has made his way up to the seniors, is a great added value to the party, an absolute fighter and a loyalist. I can only speak well of him, said Mickoski.

The opposition leader, who is not running for President himself and has announced that he will seek the Prime Ministership in the general elections, said that he will support whichever candidate wins the majority of the delegates at the party convention scheduled for mid February. Gjorcev is seeking the party nomination, and has already received the support of Antonio Milososki, who was at times considered a potential candidate himself. Siljanovska was nominated by a group of 30 fellow professors, who come from across the political spectrum, and said that she would consider whether to run.