The almost 12-hour meeting in Ohrid between Vucic and Kurti ended late last night. Vucic and Kurti discussed the European proposal – an agreement consisting of 11 points. We expect details of yesterday’s marathon talks in Ohrid to be announced at any moment.

After the meeting, visibly tired, Vucic emphasized that the agreement has not been finalized, but it is expected that a new meeting will be organized soon, most likely in Brussels. The most important thing is that he says that he did not sign anything.

I’m happy about that, but surely this won’t be all. These few points we have agreed on will become part of the negotiating framework for both sides. You can’t choose what you like or not. The other party must live up to what they signed. I am used to such talks. One of the key points is that the European Council will assess how much has been done with the implementation plan, which will be expanded. The formation of the ZSO was set as a priority obligation. I must say that I am really pleased about it, there is talk about missing persons, about donor conferences. The plan will certainly need to be upgraded. I know that the Albanian side will insist that I have not signed anything, but we both made it clear what their red lines are and what our red lines are. It wasn’t D-Day, but I think it was an okay day. Despite our many disagreements, we had decent talks, said Vucic.