The silence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office on the scandal surrounding the oversight of corridors 8 and 10D indicates that it is an accomplice of the authorities in criminal deals. The public is witnessing how the criminal dealings of the Kovacevski Government go unpunished by the judicial authorities, VMRO-DPMNE accuses.

The scandal surrounding the government’s favorite “Elektra Solution” is gaining new proportions every day, and PPO is stubbornly silent and does not take any action. “Elektra Solution” from underwear company has become the main pillar of the government for taking people’s money. From the 22 million tender, it will take 8.3 million euros for oversight. Kovacevski’s government claimed to the public that the oversight will be carried out by foreign experts, and domestic experts are only local help, and it turned out that the main player around whom the entire tender revolves is a company that produced panties, said the party.

The government’s favorite “Elektra Solution” submits a request for a license for oversight 12 days after the call for submission of offers, and receives it five days after that. After “Elektra Solution” receives a license for oversight, it also receives a grant from FITD worth 65,000 euros for the project “Digital solution for construction project management”. There is no end to the crimes of this Government. There must be accountability for this scandal of epic proportions. But not only responsibility for the officials who allowed this but also for the judicial authorities who consciously kept silent and protected it, VMRO-DPMNE points out.