Playstation politician Kovacevski is once included, once excluded from office. Minister Osmani’s statement showed that Kovacevski is only a custodian of the prime minister’s chair for the staff of DUI. As a temporary acting official, Kovacevski will just wait until the bosses tell him that he should leave his post. This is also humiliating for SDS, says VMRO-DPMNE.

After all, SDS and Kovacevski have turned into insignificant coalition partner that supports DUI’s policies. They have not resisted, nor will they resist. Kovacevski remains silent about the scandal with the business premises of Grubi’s brother.

Kovacevski remains silent about Bujar Osmani’s abuses of official vehicles. Kovacevski remains silent about the bad economic policy led primarily by DUI cadres.

Kovacevski is a voiceless letter, which, when he could no longer resist lawlessness, he just joined it. That is why he is counting the days and waiting when he will be replaced at the push of a button, says the opposition party.