Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi dismissed VMRO-DPMNE’s claim that he broke Parliament’s Rules of Procedure by delaying the vote on the need for constitutional amendments after the conclusion of the discussion at the plenary session on August 18.

At a press conference Monday, Xhaferi said the “tendency to misinform the citizens led him to clarify his action.”

The session was called on August 18, according to Chapter 5 of the Rules of Procedure which outlines the steps for the course of a session, said Xhaferi.

Xhaferi said he adjourned the session after the conclusion of the discussion and said the MPs will be additionally informed over when it will continue.

At the press conference, he pointed to Article 81 of the Rules of Procedure which states “the President of the Assembly may suspend the Assembly session if there is no majority of Members of the Assembly, necessary for passing a decision, and in other cases when he/she deems that necessary.”

Earlier on Monday, VMRO-DPMNE accused Xhaferi of breaking the Rules of Procedure by adjourning the session.