DUI leader, Ali Ahmeti, gave advice to a Ukrainian delegation with whom he spoke, that Ukrainians should never surrender, just as UCK did not surrender in the 2001 war in Macedonia, “Plusinfo” reports from Albanian-language media.

The Russia-Ukraine war continues to be a hot zone. I met with a delegation from Ukraine and told them: ‘You will win this war. Be strong and never give up, that’s how we won too because we never gave up! DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said last night at the party gathering in the Sipkovica village, Albanian-language TV “Shenja” reported.

Regarding Ukraine, he said that “as a country, we have stood in solidarity with this country, which is at war, but we have no more options to do, except to send them a musical group.”

We have stood in solidarity with Ukraine morally, but that’s all we can do. Because those weapons that we have, Ukraine does not need them. Or we can send them a musical group, we can’t send anything else, said the DUI leader at the party gathering in Sipkovica.

Undoubtedly inspired by Ukraine, then Ahmeti, as the former commander-in-chief of UCK and now leader of DUI, evoked memories at the party gathering in Sipkovica, and then some of his “post-war memories”, saying: “DUI is a home for soldiers, because 10 thousand soldiers signed for the creation of this home named DUI”, reports “Plusinfo”.