While attending the elitist retreat in Davos, Zoran Zaev met with billionaire financier George Soros, whose organization was actively supportive of his coming to power.

During the meeting, it was agreed that having the Republic of Macedonia join NATO and integrated with the European Union are key steps toward stability and security for the country and for the region, and would also open the door for foreign investment, developing of the Macedonian economy and the quality of life for its citizens, the press service of Zaev’s Government informed.

According to the press release, Zaev and Soros discussed the project of “one society” and multiculturalism in Macedonia – keywords which Zaev has often used to describe the introduction of bilingualism in Macedonia and a further move from a nation state of Macedonians toward a country not centered around a nation.

The two talked also talked about further intensifying the cooperation between the Government and Soros’ Open Society foundations, as well as about Roma inclusion – one of the projects the Soros organization also worked on in Macedonia.