Bulgarian media report that Prime Minister Zaev agreed to “discourage private speech against Bulgaria” during talks with authorities in Sofia. There is no denial or confirmation from the Government regarding this information, so the citizens on social networks rightly ask how Zaev intends to implement this.

Will the police stand in front of the people’s doors and listen to their conversations and see if they are commenting on Bulgaria’s politics and whether they may have said some inappropriate or offensive words.

Or as in the time of UDBA, people will not be allowed to say anything bad about Bulgaria in a bar. Or even end up in jail for telling a joke against Bulgaria or the Bulgarians.

Zaev should know that freedom of expression is set out in the Constitution and is a basic human right and he cannot just accept such nonsense just to court Bulgaria.

Zaev’s behavior is very similar to that of the Greek dictator and general Ioannis Metaxas.

He served as the Prime Minister of Greece from 1936 until 1941 and for the Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia it was one of the most difficult periods. He banned any use of the Macedonian language even within family circles.

For every Macedonian word uttered in public, outside or within family circles, severe punishments followed. More than 5,000 Macedonians were convicted and imprisoned for violating the ban on the use of the Macedonian language.