The Swift Response drill, which is part of NATO multi-national joint drills in Europe titled Defender 23, will take place at the Krivolak army training grounds in May and June. The Ministry of Defense told a press briefing at the Illinden barracks on Thursday that Swift Response will take place in eight countries in the region: Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, and Kosovo.

The drills in Macedonia – at the Krivolak army training grounds that is, will involve participants of four NATO armies – the U.S., Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro, and one partner country, Kosovo. In addition, the Macedonian Army will participate in the drills in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo, and Albania. The purpose of the exercise is to improve military capabilities and interoperability of allies and partners. By performing a combined range of operations, missions, and activities, the exercise affects the improvement of speed of action and synchronizing operational procedures.

The units will use their own formation equipment and armament, including armored vehicles from the “HMMWV’ series, “AH- APACHE” combat helicopters, “UH- (Black Hawk)” and “CH- (Chinook) transport helicopters, “HH” medical helicopters, “MI” transport helicopters, and howitzers and mortars artillery weapons.

During the drills at Krivolak, the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command will promote the project ORIGIN, which is a platform for testing and demonstrating new technologies, that is an autonomous, land-based robotic vehicle.