The European People’s Party, EU’s ruling right of center coalition, will meet tomorrow to discuss whether it should expel the Hungarian ruling Fidesz party from its ranks. Viktor Orban’s party has moved further to the right as EPP becomes more centrist and this has caused friction with some of the EPP members, who have pushed for his expulsion, just ahead of the European Parliament elections.

The EPP asked Orban to apologize to several of the EPP leaders who he accused of working to open Europe’s borders to unregulated migration, and taking money from leftist financier George Soros. Orban issued a form of apology but he is also asked to allow Soros’ Central European University to resume issuing American diplomas from its university in Budapest, without having a campus in the United States, which is against Hungarian law.

Fidesz is one of the most successful national EPP parties and Hungary is the largest European country that has a solidly EPP elected Government – most others have at best a mixed right – left or a right – nationalist coalition in charge.