A Yellow Vest protester lost his hand in a stun grenade incident in Paris, when French police used projectiles to try to disperse a protest.

AFP reports that the fighting broke out near the French National Assembly building, when protesters tried to push their way past the barricades, and burnt down cars and broke shop windows. One man was hit by a stun grenade in his leg, and when he tried to remove it, it exploded.

We put him to one side and called the street medics. It wasn’t pretty: he was screaming with pain, he had no fingers — he didn’t have much above the wrist, witness Cyprien Royer told AFP.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the 13th week of protests against President Emmanuel Macron. Protesters marched in Marseille, Montpellier, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Turnout has dropped since the record setting marches in the first weeks, but polls show that two thirds of French people support the movement.