On Monday, the Hungarian parliament is anticipated to officially endorse Sweden’s NATO accession.

Lawmakers will cast their votes on Sweden’s NATO membership application during the initial plenary session following the parliament’s winter break, with the vote expected in the afternoon.

Having received prior approval from parliamentary committees, the final step is securing the full assembly’s assent.

Among the 31 NATO member states, Hungary stands as the sole country yet to ratify Sweden’s accession, a necessary step for the admission of a new member.

Various reasons for Hungary’s delay have been cited, including recent expressions from the right-wing populist government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, stating that it felt “insulted” by Sweden’s criticisms regarding the rule of law in Hungary.

Despite Russia’s war against Ukraine, Sweden submitted its NATO membership application alongside Finland in May 2022. Finland was successfully admitted as the 31st member in April of the following year.

While Turkey lifted its blockade in January, Hungary continued to postpone approval. An agreement was finally reached on Friday in Budapest, where Prime Minister Orbán and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson announced Hungary’s purchase of four new Swedish JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets.