Independent UN experts are urging for an arms embargo against Israel, asserting that exporting nations risk violating international humanitarian law if the supplied weapons are used in the Gaza conflict. This call was made in Geneva on Friday.

They emphasize that all states must ensure adherence to international humanitarian law outlined in the universally binding Geneva Conventions. In cases where there is reason to believe that weapons might be utilized in a manner contrary to international law, no weapons or ammunition should be transferred.

The UN Human Rights Office has repeatedly accused Israel of breaching international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip, citing widespread attacks amounting to collective punishment of the population. Israel initiated these attacks in response to unprecedented terrorist acts originating from the Gaza Strip on October 7.

The conflict resulted in around 1,200 casualties and 250 abductions, with Israel expressing its intent to dismantle the Palestinian militant organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military campaign in the region has claimed the lives of over 29,195 Palestinians.

In January, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) called on Israel to prevent actions in the Gaza Strip that could fall within the scope of the Genocide Convention. With the judges deeming the risk of genocide plausible, over a dozen UN experts demanded the cessation of all arms deliveries under the prevailing circumstances.

These UN experts, appointed by the Human Rights Council for specific countries or topics, operate on a voluntary basis and are not UN employees.