Macedonia’s standout taekwondo athlete, Dejan Georgievski, emerged as the top performer among Macedonian sports figures in the 2023 Balkan Athlete Awards, a traditional event organized by the Bulgarian News Agency. Georgievski secured the 40th position, surpassing his compatriot Elif Elmas, who trailed by seven places, and the wrestler Magomedov, sharing the 50th spot.

As anticipated, Serbian tennis maestro Novak Djokovic claimed the pinnacle, securing victory in the 50th edition of the “Sportsman of the Balkans” competition. Djokovic achieved a remarkable eighth recognition, surpassing his compatriot Nikola Jokic, who followed closely behind. The third spot went to Bulgarian athlete Alexander Vezenkov.

The top five rankings also featured Greek long jump champion Militadis Tetoglu and Serbian world champion Ivana Španović, highlighting the diverse athletic talent in the Balkans.