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Sport 15.01.24 | 20:25

Georgievski ranked best athletes

Macedonia’s standout taekwondo athlete, Dejan Georgievski, emerged as the top performer among Macedonian sports figures in the 2023 Balkan Athlete Awards, a traditional event organized by the Bulgarian News Agency. Georgievski secured the 40th position, surpassing his compatriot Elif Elmas, who...

Macedonia 14.03.22 | 19:05

Kisela Voda Mayor reveals the extent of the huge hiring spree of his predecessor, which involved SDSM party activists

Mayor Orce Georgievski of Kisela Voda revealed that his predecessor Filip Temelkovski hired over 140 people during his term, more than all previous maors of the municipality combined, and included many activists of his SDSM party. We had Zakir Bekiri – Caus hired in the municipality, said Georgievski,...

Macedonia 29.09.21 | 21:43

Georgievski promises to protect the last undeveloped lot of land in Kisela Voda

VMRO-DPMNE mayoral candidate in Skopje’s Kisela Voda district, Orce Georgievski, promised to revise the urban development plan and to prevent the proposed construction of as many as 100 new buildings in the large green Rasadnik area. The plan was announced under the current Mayor Filip Temelkovski...

Macedonia 06.09.21 | 11:01

Georgievski: We will solve the problem with the Jaka neighborhood

We plan to build a new hospital, that will offer emergency services, a lab and a gynecology department, said Aleksandar Georgievski, the VMRO-DPMNE candidate for Mayor of Ilinden, in an interview with Republika. Ilinden is a rapidly industrializing area east of the capital, where four time Mayor Zika...

Macedonia Sport 29.07.21 | 11:56

Welcoming ceremony for silver medalist Dejan Georgievski begins at 19:30 on the Macedonia Square

Dejan Georgievski, who won the silver medal in taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics, will be welcomed back to Skopje this evening. His is the first Olympic medal for Macedonia in 20 years. Georgievski will arrive at 14h, and a celebration in his honor will be held on the Macedonia Square starting at 19:30.

Macedonia Sport 28.07.21 | 14:57

Welcoming ceremony for the silver medalist Dejan Georgievski planned for tomorrow at the Macedonia Gate in Skopje

Dejan Georgievski, who won the silver medal in taekwondo – making him the first Macedonian Olympic medal winner in 20 years, will have a welcoming ceremony on Thursday evening. Georgievski will arrive at 19:30 at the Macedonia Gate in downtown Skopje, used for similar ceremonies of sport champions. Meanwhile...

Macedonia Sport 28.07.21 | 12:00

Financial award for silver medalist Dejan Georgievski

The Government announced that it will pay 30,000 EUR to taekwondo fighter Dejan Georgievski, who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics – Macedonia’s first medal in 20 years. His coach, VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Darko Kostovski, will be paid 10,000 EUR.

Macedonia Sport 27.07.21 | 22:34

Shop closed as Georgievski’s friends and neighbors gathered to watch the taekwondo final

The final of the taekwondo competition at the Tokyo Olympics was keenly watched in Skopje’s Butel district, where finalist, Dejan Georgievski, is from. Neighbors and friends gathered in sports cafes and shops closed as Georgievski quickly advanced through the quarter and semi-finals to get to the...

Macedonia 28.02.21 | 12:05

VMRO-DPMNE condemns Ljubco Georgievski’s proposals on Bulgaria

VMRO-DPMNE condemned former Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski for his round of proposals with regard to Macedonia’s relations with Bulgaria. Georgievski yesterday proposed that Macedonia makes a number of major concessions on issues of national history and identity. In what is likely a message...

Macedonia 27.02.21 | 22:30

In what is likely a message from Zaev to Bulgaria, Ljubco Georgievski publishes a set of proposals to resolve the dispute

Former Macedonian Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski, who obtained a Bulgarian citizenship while he and other VMRO-DPMNE officials were persecuted after he lost power in 2002, came out with proposals for additional concessions to Bulgaria. According to Georgievski, Macedonia and Bulgaria are at a dead-end...

Macedonia 21.07.20 | 17:22

VMRO: State prosecutors refuse to investigate dozens of cases of vote buying by SDSM party officials

Igor Georgievski from VMRO-DPMNE called on the office of state prosecutors to begin acting against the SDSM party officials who were caught bribing voters in the run up to the early general elections on Wednesday. VMRO considers the elections to have been held in an undemocratic atmosphere, and points...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 14:54

Ohrid Mayor calls on the Government to close his city for outsiders

The city of Ohrid called on the Government to post checkpoints and to ban people from other cities from entry. Ohrid border Struga and the rural Labunista region which, due to their emigrant links to Italy, saw a major rise in coronavirus cases. Ohrid is also an important Orthodox Christian religious...

Macedonia 26.02.20 | 21:24

VMRO-DPMNE calls on Zaev to show some dignity on his way out

Following the mass rally VMRO-DPMNE had on Tuesday evening, the spokesman for the opposition party Orce Georgievski called on the leader of the ruling SDSM party Zoran Zaev to try and show dignity as he faces defeat at the coming elections. The opposition rally, which drew tens of thousands of VMRO supporters...

Macedonia 03.02.20 | 17:48

Police arrests the man who shot their colleague – it was one of the recipients of the 2018 amnesty

This morning the Veles police arrested the man who snatched a gun from a police officer yesterday and shot him five times. It’s one of the 800 criminals who received early release from prison in 2018 as part of an amnesty put in place by the Zaev regime, said Orce Georgievski from VMRO-DPMNE. The...

Macedonia 31.12.19 | 14:40

With days until he leaves office, Spasovski is promoting party loyalists in the Interior Ministry

Overnight, the outgoing Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski signed about a hundred orders to redistribute police officers into new assignments, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party has warned. According to VMRO’s Orce Georgievski, this is being done to tie the hands of the incoming opposition nominated...

Macedonia 23.12.19 | 15:19

VMRO blames the Zaev regime for the beating of former Gazi Baba Mayor Toni Trajkovski

The attack on former Gazi Baba Mayor Toni Trajkovski is an attempt by the Government to assault its political opponents, said VMRO-DPMNE official Orce Georgievski. Trajkovski, who is being persecuted by the Zaev regime and is a target in an SPO criminal case, was badly beaten up on Sunday evening. The...

Macedonia 21.11.19 | 12:50

Former Prime Minister Georgievski claims that Janeva used between 15 and 20 criminal cases for extortion

Former Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski claims that between to 20 of the cases initiated by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, were being used for racketeering. The much lauded institution, created under international pressure, is now imploding after Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva was arrested...

Macedonia 26.09.19 | 21:00

VMRO: The Interior Ministry created a unit to pressure media outlets

VMRO-DPMNE official Orce Georgievski informs that the Interior Ministry has created a special unit whose task appears to be to intimidate journalists. Following the raid against the Netpress news site today, which reported on the major M-NAV corruption scandal that involves Zaev’s Government, Georgievski...

Macedonia 08.07.19 | 22:36

Ohrid Mayor downplays the task of demolishing unlawfully built houses in the protected zones

Following his return from the UNESCO summit in Baku, Ohrid Mayor Konstantin Georgievski said that the list of 409 illegal constructions in the protected zone of the city and of lake Ohrid contains only a dozen actual buildings. Georgievski is pressed by UNESCO to show that he can uphold the law and protect...

Macedonia 06.05.19 | 10:16

SDSM candidate wins in Ohrid race marked by controversies

The State Electoral Commission confirmed that SDSM candidate Konstantin Georgievski won the mayoral race in Ohrid. The race was held along with the presidential elections, after Mayor Jovan Stojanoski, elected in 2017, died in office. Georgievski won 16.523 votes, as opposed to 12.668 who voted for Mitre...