We plan to build a new hospital, that will offer emergency services, a lab and a gynecology department, said Aleksandar Georgievski, the VMRO-DPMNE candidate for Mayor of Ilinden, in an interview with Republika.

Ilinden is a rapidly industrializing area east of the capital, where four time Mayor Zika Stojanovski split from VMRO and is seeking an independent nomination.

During the interview, Georgievski also promised to resolve the problem that Stojanovski was unable to solve, with the Jaka district. An attempt to offer young families affordable lots of land with pre-built infrastructure close to the large Bunardzik industrial zone failed as the area was left without water and sewage access after many families bought land and began construction.

We will offer a solution to the problem. We have citizens who live there for years and don’t have the basic necessities, Georgievski told Republika.