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Macedonia 03.07.20 | 21:28

Mickoski in Butel: Macedonia can be one of the best countries in the Balkans

In Friday’s address to the citizens of Butel, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski thanked for everything that the citizens have done for Macedonia and VMRO-DPMNE in the past years. Mickoski also called on all citizens to come out massively on July 15 and vote for the party, or more precisely for...

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 19:43

Group armed with Kalasnikovs opens fire on a man in Skopje, no casualties reported

A serious incident was reported in Skopje’s Butel district this afternoon. Citizens are reporting that a gang opened machine gun fire on a person, who was left unharmed. The police identified the target of the mafia style attack as O.I., who said that two vehicles approached him and several men...

Macedonia 01.05.20 | 23:18

Police confirms several arrests in the seizure of guns and heroin in Skopje

Interior Minister Nake Culev and the commissioner of Skopje Risto Stavrevski confirmed the seizure of guns and heroin during a raid in Skopje’s Butel district. Media outlets have reported that five people were arrested in connection to the incident. The drugs and guns were found in a specially...

Macedonia 01.05.20 | 17:54

Cache of guns and heroin found buried in Skopje

Police officers found an underground spot in Skopje’s Butel district in which 2,5 kilos of heroin were kept, along with automatic rifles and guns. A total of three automatic rifles, two automatic handguns, one sniper rifle and one semi-automatic rifle were found during the search. The police still...

Macedonia 26.12.19 | 11:31

Butel Mayor Smilevski lies to the press that his cousin is an ethnic Albanian to excuse the hiring of his wife

Velimir Smilevski, Mayor of Skopje’s Butel district who was elected on the ticket of the ruling SDSM party, made a shocking statement when pressed on the recent practice of ethnic Macedonians declaring themselves to be Albanians or Roma to gain public sector employment. Albanian journalists asked...

Macedonia 07.12.19 | 12:42

Boy, 13, stabbed in Skopje

A 13 year old boy was stabbed yesterday evening in the Butel district of Skopje, in an attack which apparently has inter-ethnic hatred as a motivation. The boy, which is now in hospital in stable condition, is identified as Nikola, an ethnic Macedonian. Butel is mixed, Macedonian – Albanian district....

Macedonia 08.11.19 | 21:23

Butel Mayor denies any involvement in the attack on a municipal employee

The Mayor of Skopje’s Butel district Velimir Smilevski denies the reports that his bodyguard attacked a municipal employee earlier this week. A bodyguard of the SDSM Mayor of Butel beat a municipal employee and left him unconscious The Mayor of Butel categorically denies and rejects the article,...

Macedonia 07.11.19 | 13:24

A bodyguard of the SDSM Mayor of Butel beat a municipal employee and left him unconscious

A bodyguard employed by Velimir Smilevski, the SDSM elected Mayor of Skopje’s Butel municipality, attacked a municipal employee and beat him unconscious. The Infomax news site reports that the bodyguard, identified as Moni Vukelj, perpetrated the attack accompanied by his father Agim and a third,...

Macedonia 06.03.19 | 18:19

Bronze bust stolen from the Butel cemetery

A family reported that a bronze bust from the grave of a family member has been stolen. The theft occurred in the large Butel cemetery in Skopje. Police determined that the thief forcibly removed the bust and took it, likely in order to melt it down and sell the metal.