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Macedonia Sport 11.10.21 | 20:16

Macedonia – Germany game about to begin despite the heavy rain

The game between Macedonia and Germany at the Philip II stadium in Skopje is about to begin despite the heavy rain. Macedonia is without Bardhi, while Germany decided to have Werner in the attack, supported by Gnabri. Macedonia performed a major upset beating Germany in the first, away game, and is currently...

Macedonia 04.10.21 | 16:59

Osmani seeks German support for Bulgaria solution

Foreign Minister Bujar  met Monday with German Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth during his visit to Berlin on Monday. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting between Osmani and Maas focused on the preparations before the EU’s Western...

Macedonia 15.09.21 | 16:46

German experts who are supposed to help with the Tetovo hospital fire investigation still haven’t arrived in Macedonia

The group of four German experts, who were supposed to come and help in the investigation after the catastrophic hospital fire in Tetovo last week, still haven’t arrived to Macedonia. Government spokesman Dusko Arsovski said that they are expected to arrive within days. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev...

Macedonia 02.09.21 | 19:24

People from Bitola fell prey to a scheme promising jobs in Germany

A fraudster took over 500 EUR from two citizens of Bitola, promising to help them find jobs in Germany. The two parties believed they are paying for a chance to find employment in Germany, but after a while, when they did not receive the promised job offers, they alerted the police.

World 18.07.21 | 21:13

Merkel says Germany must do more to tackle climate change

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday that Europe’s largest economy must get better and faster in tackling the impact of climate change after record floods caused the country’s worst natural disaster in nearly six decades, Reuters reported. “The sum of all events that we are...

Macedonia Sport 01.04.21 | 00:14

Loud celebrations in Duisburg as all of Macedonia and global football stars bow to the national team

Macedonian football players loudly celebrated their historic win at the World Cup qualifier against Germany in Duisburg. Macedonia beat all expectations to defeat Germany 2:1, even after having a clear penalty not awarded. Obligatory, the team sang the “Izlezi momce” chant song, as fans back...

World 04.03.21 | 11:06

German citizens will be able to get at least one free coronavirus test per week free of charge

Germany‘s coronavirus lockdown will be extended until March 28, but Chancellor Angela Merkel and state premiers have agreed to a path to opening up depending on infection rates. After hours of negotiations on Wednesday, they agreed to a step-by-step reopening strategy with an emergency brake system...

Macedonia 15.02.21 | 09:17

Not even the Prespa Agreement bans the use of “Macedonia”: Macedonians in Germany react

We call on the Macedonian government, instead of banning the use of the name “Macedonia”, to support the free expression of Macedonian citizens, and to further encourage the use of the name “Macedonia” because it is our centuries-old inherited historical name. Any ban is unacceptable...

Macedonia 03.01.21 | 14:23

While Zaev insists on a “corona census”, Germany announced it’s postponing its census until 2022

While the Zaev regime is preparing to hold a controversial census in the midst of the pandemic, during which it will count emigrants as residents, Germany announced that it will postpone its own census. Germans were supposed to hold the census in 2021 as well, but because of the epidemic, their statistical...

World 06.11.20 | 09:16

German police raids Islamists possibly linked to the Vienna attacker

German police has joined in the investigation after the Vienna terror attack, conducting raids in several German states. German officers believe that the Vienna Islamist who carried out the attacks, Kujtim Fejzullai, was linked to Islamists in Germany. Fejzullai is an ethnic Albanian whose family emigrated...

Macedonia 28.10.20 | 20:59

German Ambassador Holstein says EU should not get involved in the dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria

German Ambassador to Macedonia Anke Holstein said that it is not the place of the European Union to interfere in a dispute between two countries such as Macedonia and Bulgaria. This comment, after today’s meeting with Foreign Minister Osmani and Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia Angelov dashed...

World 12.08.20 | 10:58

Trump to send staunchly anti-immigration ambassador to Berlin

The happiness of German mainstream politicians over the departure of US Ambassador Richard Grenell may soon be spoiled, the V4 news agency reports. President Trump’s new nominee is Douglas Macgregor, a retired colonel of the US army, who may reinforce a narrative Germans are unaccustomed to. A...

Macedonia 28.07.20 | 14:30

Elections can’t be seen as fair and democratic, Mickoski says during meeting with German Ambassador Holstein

Based on the confidence it was given by the citizens, the Coalition for renewal of Macedonia is working to form a new majority in Parliament, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski after his meeting with German Ambassador Anke Holstein. During the meeting, Mickoski said that the elections held...

Macedonia 08.05.20 | 17:36

Macedonian living in Germany charged with sending insulting messages by email and Facebook

A Macedonian citizen who lives in Germany is being charged for the insulting comments he made on Facebook and via email. The man, identified by the police as B.P. (32), wrote a threatening and insulting email to a Government official two days ago. The man also sent a similar message to a TV24 journalist,...

World 29.04.20 | 12:30

German government extends global travel warning until June 14

The German government is extending its warning against all international travel until June 14 at the earliest, following a decision at a cabinet meeting, dpa has learned. The travel warning is in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has grounded most international air traffic and led to strict...

World 20.04.20 | 17:05

Germany to pay for European Covid-19 patients in its hospitals

The German government plans to cover the treatment costs for seriously ill Covid-19 patients who were brought to the country from other European nations to help those struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. “Europe stands together also in times of crisis,” Health Minister Jens Spahn said...

World 30.03.20 | 21:34

Germany plans 50 billion EUR in stimulus for small companies

Germany has announced a stimulus package worth 50 billion EUR to help its small businesses, including the hard hit hospitality industry. The money is aimed at individual entrepreneurs and small employers who are decimated by the virus and will be allocated through the German states. Over the next three...

Macedonia 25.03.20 | 17:55

Charter flights from Germany will bring 1.000 Macedonian citizens back and into quarantine

Nearly a 1.000 Macedonian citizens are expected to return with charter flights from German destinations in the coming days. The flights will be chartered from Munich, Bonn and Berlin, and the passengers will be expected to cover the bill and go into mandatory two weeks of quarantine once they arrive.

World 20.03.20 | 09:06

Army volunteers as German coronavirus toll tops 15,000, with 44 dead

Germany has recorded at least 15,030 cases of infection with the coronavirus, with the death toll reaching 44, according to figures compiled by dpa on Thursday. The data, based on information from the country’s 16 states, showed that the most populous state, North Rhine Westphalia, had more than 4,970...

Balkans 05.03.20 | 11:30

Germany rejects proposal from the Greens to accept 5.000 migrants stranded on the Greek islands

The German Bundestag rejected a proposal from the Green Party to admit 5.000 asylum seekers from the overcrowded Greek islands close to Turkey. Many of the several tens of thousands of migrants on islands such as Lesvos and Chios have been there since the 2015/16 migrant crisis, when the Balkan route...