Macedonia suffered a drubbing at the hands of Germany in the World Cup qualifier, losing the game 0:4.

Our team more than held its own in the first half, that ended 0:0. The Macedonian players ever created a number of opportunities to score, and cause another upset, after the shock win against Germany 1:2 in March. Stole Dimitrievski also made two important saves in the first half, including from Timo Werner, who eventually hit the post before the break.

But the flood came in the second half at the drenched stadium in Skopje. Havertz scored first, in the 50th minute, after which Werner finally got his chance to show he can score against Macedonia – which he did, twice, in the 70th and 73rd minute. The finale goal of the game was scored by Musiala in the 83rd minute.

Macedonia is left to lament its lost opportunities against Iceland and Romania in the two previous games, and is now third in the group, behind Germany and Romania. Our next two games are against Armenia (away) and at home against Iceland. Romania has a somewhat easier job in its fight to keep the second place in the group, as it faces Iceland and Liechtenstein.