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Macedonia 25.11.20 | 10:33

Mickovski: With measures 2 months late, Stojance plays crisis, all together you spend and take money even more irresponsibly, and you are even holding local elections

The Minister of Interior, who was a burden to the public health and the budget for a whole month, being treated for Covid-19, constantly intimidates the public with a curfew. After SDSM decided to go to the polls this summer, and the situation got out of control, curfew is a tool with which the government...

Macedonia 19.11.20 | 21:42

Declaring a crisis situation is a recognition of the incapacity to deal with the crisis

Declaring a crisis situation, after 2 months of lost time for serious measures, comes as a recognition of the powerlessness, or worse, of the incapacity to deal with the crisis, analyst Ivor Mickovski wrote on Facebook, commenting on the announcement of declaring a crisis situation.

Macedonia 17.11.20 | 13:56

Mickovski: For a year you lied the public about Bulgaria’s intentions as you previously lied that everything was resolved

For a year you lied to the public about Bulgaria’s intentions. As you previously lied that everything was resolved, political analyst Ivor Mickovski commented Tuesday on Facebook. In his post, he published a text from Zoran Zaev’s interview with “Top tema” in June 2018, in which...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 17:43

From unsatisfactorily corrupt Macedonia has become a satisfactorily corrupt state: political analyst

Ivor Mickovski, a political analyst, believes that Macedonia has gone from being unsatisfactorily corrupt to being satisfactorily corrupt. We have made progress in the fight against corruption. We have gone from unsatisfactorily corrupt to a satisfactorily corrupt state, Mickovski wrote on Facebook.

Macedonia 15.05.20 | 11:35

Ivor Mickovski: Nefi is building again in the Old Bazaar in Ohrid, and you said you would fight for justice, for UNESCO and against illegal constructions?!

Ivor Mickovski reacted on Facebook to the latest construction works of Nefi Useini in Ohrid. Nefi is once again building in the Old Bazaar in Ohrid, where as far as I know, it is only possible to renovate an existing building, and not to build a completely new one. And you said you were going to fight...

Macedonia 01.04.20 | 19:02

Mickovski: Party leaders should not spread fake news and catastrophic scenarios

Party leaders should not spread fake news and catastrophic scenarios, and not speculate before the institutions present their own figures, says Ivor Mickovski. He reminded of Zaev’s statement that there is a 2.2 billion euros budget shortfall, while the Finance Ministry projected a completely different...

Macedonia 14.05.19 | 11:53

Reconciliation, dear Pendarovski, cannot be done by the president

Reconciliation, what an empty word, former SDSM official Ivor Mickovski commented. Reconciliation, dear Pendarovski, says Mickovski, first of all, cannot be done by the president, that is, it can, only in a platonic way. When you have two elites fighting mostly for absolute power and control over business,...

Macedonia 15.02.19 | 16:48

Owner of bus operator Durmo to provide help, instead of putting the blame solely on the driver

If he feels, as the owner of bus operator Durmo Tours says, moral responsibility, he can shut up and help the injured and their families, and not speculate what the cause of the accident was, to say that the bus was in good condition, and to put the blame on the driver, the former head of the SDSM Communications...