I am following the press of the Croatian National coronavirus crisis team. They are sitting and talking for an hour, all kinds of questions are asked by reporters and answered thoroughly. There is no justification, no escape from responsibility, they admit that they were wrong to invest in AstraZeneca, that the vaccination is not going well, but they have a plan and solutions. Here suspicions of crime in the procurement of vaccines, no vaccination process, new promises of vaccines every month at the end of the month, just lies, and instead of seriousness, only brazen denials, escape from responsibility and justification that others disrupted the vaccination process. It’s simple, those who rule criminally, they will run every process criminally. That’s it.

This is how the analyst Ivor Mickovski comments on the Macedonian government’s response to the global pandemic. While the whole world is getting vaccinated, Macedonia has not yet procured vaccines. There is a suspicion that China left the negotiations for vaccines because the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the Minister of Health Venko Filipce used a shell company for negotiations, “La Verita” revealed.