The political analyst Ivor Mickovski doesn’t agree with the slogan of this year’s celebration of the Day of the Republic “Ilinden – The Hearth of the Fatherland”.

I would stay away from so pretentious and forced patriotic phrases because our little country, especially this Government,  proved incapable of protecting its past, its present, leave alone any future. We, or better said the current Government, are only good at taking photos at the celebrations, to waste money on pulp fiction PR that promotes their blubbering capabilities. Probably that is what the celebrations serve for. Furthermore, in the high season of wildfires, of various fiery groups, of incinerated Vice-PM’s vehicles, I would avoid such hot and incendiary terms. It would be nice of us to remember that just a few years ago, during another holiday, when the Government was busy with its self-promoting parade, 14 people burned alive in the Tetovo Hospital because of an electrical cord. Luckily, they didn’t burn because of the Fatherland”, MIckovski wrote in his Facebook post.