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Macedonia 04.09.19 | 14:12

Skopje man sets his boss’s jeep on fire in dispute over unpaid wages

Following a dispute over unpaid wages, a man from Skopje set fire to the jeep of his employer, and even then doused him with petrol. The incident happened yesterday in the Kisela Voda district of Skopje. The 56 year old employee was angry over several back pays and he poured gasoline on the left side...

Macedonia 19.07.19 | 10:37

Drug addicts will begin receiving methadone therapy in four new locations across Skopje

Following protests by citizens who live near the drug rehabilitation center in Kisela Voda, the Healthcare Ministry is preparing to allow users of methadone to begin receiving their therapy in five separate locations in Skopje. Kisela Voda will remain one of the sites, but these will also include the...

Macedonia 17.06.19 | 15:08

Angry at rising crime, Kisela Voda citizens block entrance to drug treatment center

An incident happened today at the center for treatment of drug addiction in Skopje’s Kisela Voda district, where local residents exchanged insults with patients coming to receive methadone therapy. Police had to intervene and keep the two sides separate as the residents blocked the entrance to...

Macedonia 10.06.19 | 15:40

Firefighters save children from a burning building in Skopje

Eyewitnesses say that firefighters were able to save several children from an apartment in the building where fire broke out today. Using ladders, the firefighters climbed to the apartment above the one on fire, and helped several children get out of the building. It is believed that the fire is being...

Macedonia 17.05.19 | 22:31

Mickoski: The days of the Zaev Government are numbered

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski continued his tour of Skopje districts which went strongly for the opposition party in the recent presidential election. While in Kisela Voda and near-by Sopiste, he declared that the election results, where SDSM had to pull together nearly all other parties to eke...

Macedonia 07.04.19 | 23:52

SDSM thugs attack VMRO official

SDSM party thugs harassed VMRO-DPM NE suporters in the Kisela Voda part of Skopje yesterday, Lider.mk reports. VMRO supporters were out distributing promotional material for the presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova, when they were accosted by the SDSM people. “The group took...

Macedonia 04.04.19 | 14:58

Heroin dealer arrested in Skopje

Skopje police detained a drug dealer who was arrested with 84 grams of heroin. The man is identified as S.I. (42) from Skopje and the arrest was made in the Kisela Voda neighborhood.