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Economy 27.11.21 | 12:05

Strike: Railroad traffic remains paralyzed

Train lines remain suspended across Macedonia, due to the strike of railway workers. The union called the strike after the salaries were late again. Workers demand that they receive the second half of their due October salary, which was due on the 25th. Union representative Dusko Cakarovski said that...

Economy 25.11.21 | 17:20

Railroad workers go on strike tomorrow, all trains will stop

Railroad workers will go on strike tomorrow and will stop all railway traffic, starting at 7 in the morning. The reason for this is the failure of the Macedonian Railways management ot pay an installment of the October price. The union announced that it will automatically go on strike if the salaries...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 16:52

Police union holds a strike tomorrow

Police officers will hold a protest tomorrow, organized by the KSS police union. The union alleges violations of collective bargaining rights and the dignity of the uniform. We can’t allow the police to be degraded and undermined, said union chief Blagoja Ralpovski. In a recent incident, a number...

Economy 06.02.20 | 11:36

Railways workers strike enters fourth day

Railway workers remain on strike across Macedonia, blocking traffic for the fourth day. The workers demand a pay rise of between 30 and 40 percent, as the result of their overtime work and the generally understaffed service. Macedonian Railways management is refusing to negotiate with the striking workers.

Economy 05.02.20 | 10:57

Trains remain idle as railway workers’ strike enters second day

Railway traffic in Macedonia is blocked for the second day today, as workers demand a pay increase of between 30 and 40 percent. The management of the public railway company has denounced the strike as illegal and Transportation Minister Goran Sugareski called on the workers to go back to work, insisting...

Macedonia 27.12.19 | 18:36

Health Insurance Fund trade union goes on strike on Monday

The trade union organization of the Health Insurance Fund within the Trade Union of Public and State Administration of Macedonia (SADU) has announced that it is staging the already announced strike after the HIF leadership did not respond to the union demands nor responded to the call to address union...

Macedonia 07.10.19 | 10:19

Teachers union asks that Ministry officials come back to the table

The SONK teachers union is expected to resume its negotiations with the Education Ministry today, after the week long deadline it gave to the Ministry expired. SONK demands an increase of 25 percent in the public education sector and threatens to resume its strike which it held for one day, at the start...

Macedonia 02.10.19 | 10:46

Police union strike will include roadblocks

Police unions in Macedonia are protesting across the country, demanding a 25 percent hike in the salaries and greater union rights in the prison and forestry police units. Protesting officers plan to block city streets. The Independent Union of the police forces cites increased cost of living as the...

Balkans 02.10.19 | 10:34

Unions bring Greece to a standstill

Greece is blocked with a major strike of its unions that covers public transportation, shipping and the press. Trains, ferries and buses stopped early on Tuesday morning and will not resume operations for 24 hours. Teachers, doctors and nurses are also expected to strike, but only for a few hours. Unions...

Macedonia 02.09.19 | 15:28

Encouraged by the successful trial strike, teachers’ union plans roadblocks and an all out strike

Following the success of the initial teachers’ strike, during which most teachers across Macedonia refused to hold classes on the first day of school – September 1st, the head of the SONK union Jakim Nedelkov announced a broader strike is to come if the Government doesn’t accept the...

Macedonia 02.09.19 | 10:43

Teachers strike on the first day of the school year

Many schools across Macedonia didn’t open this morning, on the first day of school, because of the strike called for by the SONK teachers’ union. The union demands a pay rise of 25 percent, citing the equivalent increase in the minimum wage, while the Government is only prepared to give a...

World 10.01.19 | 13:40

Strike by German airport security staff causes travel chaos

A one-day strike by security staff at three German airports on Thursday is causing travel chaos for tens of thousands of travelers, AP reports. The ver.di union called on staff at airports in Duesseldorf, Cologne-Bonn and Stuttgart to walk off the job all day, leading to hundreds of flights being canceled. The...

Economy 17.12.18 | 11:44

Mickoski: VMRO-DPMNE will support the doctor’s protests

VMRO-DPMNE expressed its support for the doctors from the Skopje Mother Teresa Clinic, who are protesting poor working conditions and the hike in their parking fees. – This Government promised doctors it will increase their salaries to 100.000 denars. Not only they lied about this promise, but...

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