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Macedonia 08.06.20 | 17:12

Government postpones its decision on whether to impose a new curfew for tomorrow

The decision on whether Macedonia will be exposed to a new round of evening curfews will be announced by the Government tomorrow. The Committee on infectious diseases proposed that the cities of Skopje, Kumanovo, Tetovo and Stip are placed under a curfew that will begin at 22h each evening. These densely...

Macedonia 22.05.20 | 13:54

Two incidents involving police officers in Tetovo

Police officers in Tetovo were targeted in two separate incidents, the Interior Ministry reported. In one instance, an officer, accompanied by a friend of his, was intercepted by three men who cut off his path with their car and attempted to assault him. Following the incident yesterday evening the three...

Macedonia 21.05.20 | 18:42

Family gatherings lead to 10 new coronavirus cases in Tetovo

Tetovo local authorities warned that the spike in new Covid-19 cases is due to family gatherings. Three group gatherings in and around Tetovo led to 10 new cases in one day, said epidemiologist Naim Skenderi. Tetovo and Bogovinje have the most new cases. Citizens should not lower their guard and should...

Macedonia 22.04.20 | 17:12

City of Tetovo buys 300 laptops for school kids who couldn’t follow the online lessons

The Tetovo city council ordered the purchase of 300 laptop computers for school kids who don’t have computers and are excluded from the improvised online classes that are being prepared. Many schools across Macedonia are using Google Classroom and Youtube to get the pupils to study but this raised...

Macedonia 21.04.20 | 09:44

Entry and exit from Tetovo banned as of today

In accordance with the government’s decision, organized transport of passengers, namely entry and exit from Tetovo municipality and the surrounding municipalities, is banned as of Tuesday Economic operators transporting their employees to the job, police, army and fire fighting units are exempted...

Macedonia 20.04.20 | 09:47

Citizens of Tetovo, Kumanovo and Prilep ordered to start wearing masks and gloves

Citizens in Tetovo, Kumanovo and Prilep will be ordered to begin wearing face masks and gloves whenever they venture outside starting on Wednesday. This is the latest decree planned by the Government. Kumanovo and Prilep have had a major spike in coronavirus cases over the past weeks. The measure is...

Macedonia 20.04.20 | 09:43

Mass transit routes to and out of Tetovo ordered to close

The Government ordered mass transit routes to and out of Tetovo and the neighboring municipalities to close. Tetovo has had a relatively low number of coronavirus cases so far for a large city and the ban on the mass movement toward and out of the city is hoped to prevent the spread of the epidemic....

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 12:47

Alsat: Three patients died from the coronavirus overnight

Three patients died from Covid-19 overnight, reports Alsat TV. Two of them are reportedly from Tetovo, and the third from Kocani. The Kocani case was already confirmed by the local Mayor. This would bring the total death toll of the epidemic in Macedonia to 21.

Macedonia 06.03.20 | 16:00

Tetovo prosecutors refuse to investigate the overt ballot stuffing during the failed name change, EU and NATO referendum

Prosecutors in Tetovo rejected the proposed charges filed by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party over the apparent and obvious irregularities during the failed September 2018 referendum. Barely 37 percent of the population voted in the referendum in which Macedonians were asked if they support the name change...

Macedonia 29.02.20 | 18:29

Elderly man from Tetovo charged with sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl

A Tetovo judge ordered a 61 year old man to be detained for 30 days after he perpetrated as sexual assault on a 14 year old girl. The assault was reported by the father of the girl. The attacker picked her up in his car and drove her to a site where he attacked her, police said.

Macedonia 21.02.20 | 20:00

Customs inspectors attacked in Tetovo while seizing smuggled cigarettes

Inspectors were attacked in Tetovo by a large group of smugglers of tobacco and cigarettes, when they tried to seize their goods. The team from the Customs Office seized 113 kilograms of tobacco and 415 boxes of cigarettes in a raid in Tetovo, but the raid was marred by a large scale attack from the...

Macedonia 05.02.20 | 15:32

Angry husband of a patient pulls a gun on a nurse in the Tetovo hospital when she tried to charge him for the treatment

A nurse in the Tetovo hospital was threatened with a gun yesterday, when she tried to charge a family from the village of Bogovinje for the services. A 24 year old man and his father attacked the nurse, with the man pulling a gun on her. The reason was that his wife was treated at the gynecological department...

Macedonia 24.01.20 | 11:10

Incident reported in the Tetovo general hospital

Another hospital incident was reported yesterday, this time in Tetovo. Police was called up to the Tetovo general hospital when a drunken man was invited to the room where two of his friends were hospitalized. The meeting ended up in a fist fight involving a total of four men. The police informed they...

Macedonia 30.12.19 | 22:49

Police can’t locate the fugitive judge

Judge Zoran Teofilovski, the recently appointed member of the Judicial Council who is charged with defrauding the budget of roughly a million euros, is in hiding from the police. The charges were announced earlier today. The judge and seven municipal officials from Tetovo are suspected of allowing a...

Macedonia 30.12.19 | 17:23

Member of the Judicial Council charged in a million euros fraud case

A member of the Judicial Council is being charged with involvement in a case of unlawfully purchasing publicly owned land. The man, who was not named by the police, was the president of a sports club in Tetovo which was operating on state owned land. According to the charges, the man falsely claimed...

Macedonia 22.12.19 | 18:19

Police officers arrest two men in separate incidents in Tetovo

Two separate incidents against police officers were reported in Tetovo overnight. In one of them, a minor was arrested in a street after midnight when he was acting aggressively against the officers. In the second, non related incident, a 26 year old man tried to prevent officers from patrolling near...

Macedonia 17.12.19 | 16:51

French Ambassador Thimonier says that the goal is not simply to open EU accession talks with Macedonia

French Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Thimonier reminded the public that the issue is not just about opening the accession talks with the EU, but also meeting the criteria for this. France vetoed the opening of accession talks for Macedonia and Albania in October, as its President Emmanuel Macron...

Sport 08.12.19 | 12:15

Komiti and Vojvodi football groups light up the old Tetovo fortress

In anticipation of the Shkendija – Vardar football game in Skopje today, Vardar fans Komiti and their Tetovo allies Vojvodi organized a spectacular show on the Tetovo Kale fort. After waiting for dark to set, the football fans lit torches on the old fortress and the surrounding hills that could...

Macedonia 29.11.19 | 10:05

Man thrown out of a moving vehicle seen in traffic video from Tetovo

A video that is being shared online from what appears to be a traffic camera in Tetovo, shows a man being thrown out of a moving vehicle. It is believed that this was a vehicle theft. The Interior Ministry is not disclosing any information about the incident yet. Во Тетово, промовирано...

Economy 13.11.19 | 10:44

Outgoing Prime Minister Zaev in Tetovo: Richer people to change their heating systems

Outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev ahead of Tuesday’s government session in Tetovo responded to journalists’ questions related to government measures against air pollution: We allocated ten million euros. We allocate up to two million euros in budgets, directly for environmental programs....