Tuesday, 25 February 2020
World 25.02.20 | 23:14

Coronavirus: First case confirmed in mainland Spain as virus outbreak reported across Europe

Four more people have been confirmed dead in Italy, bringing the total in the country to 11 as the coronavirus continues to spread across Europe, Independent reported. Switzerland and Croatia announced their first case and Austria declared its first two cases, who were Italians living close to the...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 21:49

The people rose up against the ruling mafia – drone footage

Tonight, over 20,000 citizens marched through the streets of Skopje. Citizens called for change and renewal. They are angry because the PPO is silent and does not initiate proceedings against Zaev for abuse of power and authority. Macedonia with Zaev is a hybrid regime. The massive support that Macedonian...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 21:08

Mickoski: Zaev, you will be defeated by the people, and you know it

There will be accountability, I tell you no matter, who they are and where they come from. And the people have already taken the fate into their own hands and know what to do. This is a fight for the rescue from the mafia, for me it is a fight for the salvation of Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 19:56

Mickoski gathers five times more people than Zaev without buses

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski tonight united the citizens of Macedonia to march for justice together. The large number of people through the streets of the capital is just one big proof that VMRO-DPMNE and Hristijan Mickoski have the support of the citizens. The leader of VMRO-DPMNE gathered five...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 19:31

More than 20,000 citizens march through the streets for justice

More than 20,000 citizens sent Tuesday a message to Zaev that he is to blame for the situation in the country and the injustices that the Macedonian people live in. They said they had enough of the” Louis Vuitton” judiciary and selective justice. Citizens are outraged by the SDSM leader’s...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 19:22

There must be accountability because it is the only way to have a state

We are not the same in the seriousness of the feasibility and the future results of the project reforms that we are promising unlike what Zoran Zaev promised and did not fulfill. We are not the same in the people who are with us today, and they will prove to you that not only can we work much better...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 19:13

Do not ask Zaev to be honest, because he is dishonest from head to toe – mafia rules

We are here tonight to say that justice is being attacked by injustice, to tell the truth that the judiciary and the prosecution are brutally suppressed, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said in his address at the protest against he injustices Zoran Zaev’s government inflicted on Macedonia. Mickoski...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 19:01

People show red card to Zaev, the prosecution and the judiciary

The main message tonight comes from the people. What follows will be April 12. The murderer of justice Zoran Dzev is to blame for the situation in the country. He enacted a law on public prosecution, as well as his SDSM, which does not allow the materials to be used in proceedings against him, VMRO-DPMNE...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 18:45

“Zaev is guilty”, “Louis Vuitton judiciary”, “It’s over”!

A large number of people can be seen tonight on the streets of Skopje, revolted citizens are seeking justice in their own state, and not “Louis Vuitton” judiciary. Slogans with “Zaev is guilty”, It’s over! “I agreed with Jovo” is just one part of the picture...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 18:16

PHOTO GALLERY: Citizens came out massively to say YES to justice and NO to injustice in the country

A large number of Macedonian citizens joined VMRO-DPMNE protest march for justice in this country. And to say NO to Zaev and his false policies. Citizens today demand respect for justice and oppose violations of the Constitution and laws.

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 18:09

Follow live: Large protest for justice

VMRO-DPMNE is holding a large protest march against injustice, and to send a message of respect for justice and to oppose violations of the Constitution and laws. The march started at 18h at the State Prosecutor’s office, moving toward the Supreme Court. This state that rests on justice, on our struggle...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 17:59

Phone numbers that citizens should contact in case of coronavirus symptoms

Health Minister Venko Filipce published phone numbers that citizens should contact if they have symptoms of coronavirus. We remind that upon arrival on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and in case of suspected symptoms of coronavirus, passengers should contact the phone numbers which are divided...

Economy 25.02.20 | 17:26

Mickoski: As government we will strive for double-digit investment figures from Turkey

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski met Tuesday with MATTO President, Ajdovan Ademoski. Mickoski thanked the President of the Macedonian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity for the opposition to present the policies and projects it plans to implement as a future government in Macedonia. This...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 16:41

Derkoski: It will not be possible to vote without valid personal documents

The State Election Commission President Oliver Derkoski urged Tuesday the citizens to use all the opportunities of the institutions and to obtain personal documents, to enter or change certain data in the Voters’ List. As SEC we will make every effort to enable all citizens to exercise their right...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 15:54

The Dubai passenger doesn’t have coronavirus

The passenger who was hospitalized after arriving to Macedonia with flu like symptoms from Dubai does not have the coronavirus. This was determined after testing conducted at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje. Another similar scare yesterday also turned out to be negative.

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 15:52

Opposition leader Mickoski says he will soon present his coalition, expects a major victory on April 12

Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski said that VMRO-DPMNE will soon announce the coalition it will form in the run up to the April 12 elections. We are in talks with many parties. On April 12 we will have the biggest winning coalition in Macedonian history, which will usher in the Renewal of Macedonia....

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 15:38

Slovenian TV channel crew amazed by Zaev’s “achievements”

Slovenian Nova24 TV reports on the dismal failure of Zoran Zaev’s attempt to drum up popular support for a law that actually helps him avoid being placed under a serious investigation for corruption and abuse of office again. Following the scandalous adoption of a law that entrenches the control...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 15:19

Macedonian TV stations about to go dark in the run up to the elections

A law that was rushed through Parliament on its last day is about to cause chaos in media broadcasting. Cable operators are announcing that they will stop broadcasting all TV channels, foreign and domestic, apart from the state run MRTV channel. This comes in response to the law that was adopted on demand...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 13:22

Novo Lisice fire put out, several people needed help evacuating

Firefighters were able to put out the fire that broke out in an apartment in Skopje’s Novo Lisice district, during which five people needed assistance to evacuate. The fire broke out while a man was using a gas cylinder to brew coffee. It spread through the kitchen and to the next room where his...

Macedonia 25.02.20 | 13:14

Passenger who came to Skopje from Dubai is being tested for the coronavirus

A patient who arrived to Macedonia from Dubai is currently being tested for the coronavirus. The man arrived several days ago and developed flu like symptoms. Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that the results will be in in a few hours. He urged all passengers who arrive to Skopje from foreign destinations...