Slovenian Nova24 TV reports on the dismal failure of Zoran Zaev’s attempt to drum up popular support for a law that actually helps him avoid being placed under a serious investigation for corruption and abuse of office again. Following the scandalous adoption of a law that entrenches the control his SDSM party has over the judiciary, Zaev tried to stage a “march for justice” on the 18th.

It was a bizarre march. The Government was calling for respect for the rule of law and for application of the laws. No wonder that the citizens were astounded that a three year old Government calls for protests. Participants who were asked what are they marching for had no idea, the Slovenian TV station reports about the badly failed march which only drew a few hundred most die hard Zaev supporters, most of them bused into the capital.

Meanwhile, the country is sinking into chaos on various fronts. Nova24 TV reports how the Interior Ministry was left in disarray by the now interim Prime Minister Olive Spasovski, as if he wanted to cause as much problems for his successor Nake Culev as possible. The Ministry can’t issue passports as it ran out of blank copies and agreed appointments made by Culev are being blocked by the Spasovski’s Government.

Interior Minister Nake Culev called on state prosecutors to begin an investigation into Oliver Spasovski for abuse of office. Spasovski continues to undermine the work of the department trying to wreak havoc, Nova24 TV reports.

In an extensive report on Macedonia, the TV station covers some of the numerous examples of crime and corruption, such as the investigation into Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska for greatly overpaying equipment, the awarding of grants by the Culture Ministry to associations linked with ruling party officials such as Robert Alagozovski and Nano Ruzin, and the spending of millions on luxury food items.

But, it’s worth noting that zave came out with a unique strategy for preventing the westward migration of the young, the TV station observes. “Zaev told the young that life in countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Italy is boring. ‘You may have a much bigger salary, but life won’t be challenging for you. It’s boring there’. Given that Zaev considers prosperous life to be boring, it’s little surprise then that under him Macedonia ranks among the countries with highest levels of youth unemployment”.