A woman accused of leading a high-speed police chase in a luxury car is making the most of her infamy, fanning attention with a new moniker – Mercedes Mum.

Margarita Tomovska, 27, departed Wollongong Courthouse Tuesday morning in Christian Loubouton stilettos, declining questions from media despite having adopted a “come at me” Instagram persona.

She is accused of driving her high-performance Mercedes at up to 200km/h on the Princes Motorway at Helensburgh November 13, with Strike Force Raptor officers in pursuit.

She first faced court in December and then posted to Instagram, apparently anticipating new opportunities to flow.

“Thanks for everyone’s messages and support,” she wrote on the page, filled with pictures of herself with luxury cars and designer fashion.

She added a (since defunct) link to a friend who “will be managing my PR business and fan mail queries moving forth”.

Tomovska did not enter a plea in court on Tuesday, before the matter was adjourned to February 19.

Source: www.theleader.com.au