Several thousand supporters of the Serbian opposition took to the streets of Belgrade on Monday evening in protest against alleged fraud in Sunday’s local elections.

The demonstrators, as observed by a dpa reporter, rallied with chants of “Thieves, thieves!” and “We will not have our votes stolen!”

Opposition leaders Marinika Tepić and Miroslav Aleksić, stationed in front of the electoral commission building, declared their intention to initiate an indefinite hunger strike until the results of the Belgrade election were invalidated.

While the right-wing Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) led by President Aleksandar Vučić secured victories in the parliamentary and local elections across several cities, including Belgrade, their success margin in the capital city was notably slim. Despite emerging as the dominant voting force in Belgrade, they might lack the necessary partners in the city assembly to elect the next mayor.

However, the opposition insists that this narrow win was a result of widespread fraud. Allegations claim tens of thousands of voters affiliated with the ruling party, residing outside Belgrade, unlawfully cast their votes for the city assembly through organized registration of false addresses.

Reports from the media suggested the presence of buses transporting individuals from the Serbian region of Bosnia-Herzegovina to the Belgrade Arena, purportedly for voting purposes. President Vučić and the SNS have refuted these allegations.