Magor is hosting a book launch for Grape Malt Syrup, the latest novel by Vlada Uroshevikj, at Skopje’s Kultura cinema on Thursday evening.

Grape Malt Syrup is a novel of atmosphere and urban setting as much as a postmodern puzzle, according to literary critic Lidija Kapushevska-Drakulevska.

Reviewing the book, Kapushevska-Drakulevska notes that Uroshevikj writes with characteristic irony, his storytelling style replete with vivid imagery, allusions, and masterful descriptions.

“The author uses collage in his nonlinear narrative,” Kapushevska-Drakulevska says, “which adds to the already dramatic wartime plot.”

“The microcosm of childhood—being the book’s main subject—is seen from a child’s perspective, which introduces ostranenie into the rationally ordered reality.”

Vlada Uroshevikj (b. 1934) is a Macedonian poet, fiction writer, critic, essayist, anthology editor, and translator.

He has written ten poetry books, six short story collections, five novels, three collections of travel essays, and edited a number of anthologies.

His literary criticism has been collected into several tomes, and he has also translated major works by French authors.

Uroshevikj is the only Macedonian author to have won the Struga Poetry Evenings Miladinov Brothers best poetry book award three times.

For his literary work, he has also been awarded the ranks of knight and officer of the French Order of Merit.