Simon Trpceski

Republika selected the persons of 2023, who were able to inspire Macedonia during the past past year. Pianist Simon Trpceski was notable for the string of Makedonissimo concerts he held across the country and around the world, including in Sekirnik, the native village of his mother. Trpceski performed in London and recorded with the Cologne symphony orchestra.

Damjan Davkov

15 year old math whiz from Stip Damjan Davkov won gold at the Math Olympics in Japan, as part of the team which also won silver and two bronze medals. Davkov also won the maximum available points at the 27th Junior Balkan Math Olympics.

Tamara Kotevska

Following up on the success of her Honeyland movie, Kotevska was invited to participate in the Venice Film Festival, where she spoke about the power of movies to lead to societal change. There she presented her new movie, The Walk, about the plight of the children refugees from Syria.

Borce Stamenov

Borce Stamenov from Kavadarci expanded his campaign to donate used computers to people in need. Starting with a personal donation of 20 units in 2016, Stamenov has since secured donations of 2,710 computers which are given to families who can’t afford one.

Vlada Urosevic

The 89 year old poetic giant was awarded the Golden Wreath at the Struga Poetry Evenigns, the 13th of November award by the City of Skopje, and the Novel of the Year award for his “True but highly unlikely story of tye Pustopolski family and their house near the Vardar river and four rings”.