In the 100 days of this old-new government, the Macedonian citizens received only losses. No investments, no new highways, no roads, no railroads, no bridges, no infrastructure investments. The spectacular promises of the SDSM-led government in the past two election cycles for infrastructure development projects have not been fulfilled.

There is no investment in railroads. The SDSM-led government promised to build a railroad to Bulgaria, but on the contrary, the construction of the railroad is stopped. The SDSM-led government also promised to build a railroad to Albania, but construction has not even started.

There are no projects and investments in the construction of new bridges and highways.

There is nothing from the promised Prilep-Bitola highway from four years ago, there is no design. SDSM’s pre-election promise for construction of the Gradsko-Prilep highway has seen no construction activities. The Kicevo-Ohrid highway also does not have any construction activities, the only activity there is the signing of annexes and new debts.

There is nothing from the promised projects and construction of bridges.

In 2020, we will start with the construction of new bridges, which will mean easier and faster connection of the citizens. We will soon start with the rehabilitation of several bridges, were some of the promises of SDSM.

But almost before the end of 2020, there is nothing from the promises of the SDSM-led government.