EVN Home, the universal supplier, received only one bid for supplying electricity to the regulated market for the first half of next year. The bid, presented by Power Plants of Macedonia (ESM), offered EUR 57 per MWh, covering 95% of the total quantity—marking a 7.5% increase compared to the previous tender in June 2023, where the bid stood at EUR 53 per MWh.

For the remaining 5% of the planned quantity, ESM submitted a bid at EUR 120.01 per MWh, the most favorable offer. Additionally, Sole 24 and Elektrodistribucija participated, offering prices of EUR 105 per MWh and EUR 100 per MWh respectively, with Elektrodistribucija’s bid addressing electricity loss.

EVN Home will now determine the market price of electricity from January 1. The Energy Regulatory Commission will oversee the calculation process, crucial for establishing transmission and distribution prices integral to citizens’ electricity bills.