VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski paid Tuesday a visit to the municipality of Kavadarci.

Mickoski visited the “Mi Komerc” company that deals with trade and production of aluminum locks. At the meeting with the owners, he pointed out that the development of the companies is closely connected with the economic policies implemented by the state, but unfortunately in the Republic of Macedonia with the current government of SDSM and Zoran Zaev this is impossible because the government burdens the economy with the increased taxes that reduce the owners’ revenues, thus does not provide good business conditions for companies.

“Mi Komerc” is a successful company with many years of experience and with huge potential for development. This potential will only develop if the state provides support and good business conditions. But what is the situation today: the government has burdened the economy with increased taxes, reducing the income of businessmen, there is no real support of the business sector from the state, nor are really available fresh funds that will enable additional investments.

There is no legal certainty in business because injustice is the basis of this power. The state tenders are awarded in a dubious and corruptive procedure, while Macedonia is declared one of the most corrupt states, along with Swaziland. The country’s credit rating has not improved, while bureaucracy continues to suffocate the business. The government has removed Macedonia from the map of competitive regional markets. Incompetence and criminal motivations are the basis of the business of this government. It has to change. Our priorities will be development of the economy, opening of new jobs, good business conditions and reliable and higher salaries, Macedonia technological tiger in the Balkans. That’s possible, and we will do it. To make this happen, changes are needed, we must fight for justice and dignity, for a better life. Presidential elections are the first step towards change, Mickoski said.