During today’s visit to Kavadarci, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, answering a journalist’s question about the state of the energy crisis in the country, pointed out that although the government announced that the citizens’ complete needs for electricity would be met by domestic production, they lied again.

I will give one piece of information today exclusively here from Kavadarci. In November, they started importing electricity for the needs of the citizens, not for the industry, for the needs of the citizens, those supplied by EVN Home, for which the state said that complete domestic production would supply them with electricity. They failed and therefore from November 7th to November 30th, for 23 days they imported electricity worth 23 million euros. So every day they imported one million euros of electricity, money paid for by the citizens. 23 million euros in 23 days, said Mickoski.

He added that in addition to these 23 million euros for the import of electricity in November, a new tender was made for the first four days of December, which would cost somewhere around 8 million euros for the import of electricity, and winter has not yet started according to the calendar.

Now they made a new tender for the first four days of December, and imagine that winter has not yet started according to the calendar, a new tender in which they will import again from the first to the fourth of December, the estimate is that this purchase will cost another 8 million euros. So I will repeat not only that they steal but also lie a lot and do not tell the truth and that is why you will see Kovacevski and a few government officials at those stand-up performances where as a comedian he tries to insult me thinking that he is doing a show in front of a few fellow party members who are applauding him, while the people are sinking into misery, stressed Mickoski.

While Macedonia has many problems, he bravely decides as a comedian to insult me at his performances in front of a small number of his party members, me and VMRO-DPMNE. If he is as brave as he pretends to be, there is a way to manifest that courage, and that is to hold early parliamentary elections so that the people can evaluate whether they will believe his stand-up performances as a comedian or this cruel and difficult, painful reality in Macedonia!, he added.