According to the new projections by the Zaev Government, the Kicevo – Ohrid highway will cost 10 million EUR per kilometer, when (if) it’s finished in 2023. This year is now put forward by Zaev’s officials, after the price tag was greatly inflated.

The 57 kilometer highway, that is being built by the Chinese Sinohydro company, broke ground in 2014 for a price tag of 375 million EUR. But immediately after grabbing power in 2017 Zaev ordered a stop on all work, insisting that there is corruption and incompetence in the project.

After many delays and false starts, as well as renegotiations with the Chinese, the highway now costs just under 600 million EUR, and the deadline is extended until 2023. But little work is being done on it, and even these terms seem unrealistic.