The pro-Bulgarian foundation “Macedonia” announced that so far 40 Bulgarians from Skopje and across Macedonia have confirmed that they are coming to Skopje on Saturday, at the honoring of Goce Delcev on the 151st anniversary of his birth. Police is already deployed around the St. Spas church, to prevent incidents between Bulgarians and Macedonians, who are expected to also come in organized groups to prevent Bulgarian nationalist outbursts at the event.

We appeal to all Bulgarians in Skopje, especially the young. Come to Goce’s grave. So far 40 Bulgarians have confirmed that they will come. We will have Bulgarian police officers in Skopje to contribute to the public order, the foundation said.

A series of incidents have deeply damaged relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria – this included a Bulgarian nationalist gathering in Skopje and the beating of a Bulgarian activist in Ohrid in mid January.