Part of the hybrid war against Macedonia is also the latest incident in Ohrid, with the beating of Hristijan Pendikov, secretary of the Bulgarian cultural club, which has damaged the fragile Macedonian-Bulgarian relations these days, says the Minister of the Interior Oliver Spasovski on the “Utrinski pecat” show.

People from the same group are those who beat and those who are beaten. That proves that hybrid war. Every incriminating action that is done by the state reacts in this section and we say that at no time, no citizen, regardless of national, religious, political or any other affiliation, can be physically attacked and mistreated. The state will clearly oppose that and will take the same measures as it is taking in this case. Although they try to tell us that the state does not take measures for some category of citizens, that it does not conduct efficient investigations, which is not true, said Spasovski.