DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti met with European Commissioner Johannes Hahn today, and discussed his plans for the creation of a “European Front” in Macedonia. This proposal means allying the largest Albanian parties, such as DUI and the Alliance of Albanians, in a pre-election coalition with SDSM, to ensure that VMRO-DPMNE, which receives overwhelming support of ethnic Macedonians, won’t be able to win the elections in a landslide – and possibly not at all.

The European Front is an urgent necessity to overcome the obstacles on the path to integrations and to implement the constitutional amendments. Political parties should overcome their personal interests and focus on the future of the state and the lives of the citizens, DUI said in a statement after the meeting.

Hahn, who strongly supported the imposed name change as Enlargement Commissioner, was in Skopje today to push the Macedonians to agree to the latest round of concessions on national identity issues – this time in favor of Bulgaria.