Vladimir Ilievski, husband of imprisoned former Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska, spoke out about her treatment in the Idrizovo prison where, due to the lack of an open women’s wing, Jankuloska has been almost fully isolated from her infant son. Ilievski said that Jankuloska regrets not leaving politics sooner, considering that the energy she used in the running of the very important department would have brought her a very comfortable life if it was employed elsewhere.

Regarding the allegations of abuse of office, such as during the appointments of judges, Ilievski insists that the charges against her are blown out of proportion, with the use of illegaly obtained wiretaps that helped SDSM grab power in 2017.

if we are honest and realistic, the conversations that were aired in the public during the infamous press conferences Zaev held, show that Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski are the voices of reason. Regarding the judges issue, we see what scandalous selections are going on now. We see what type of candidates are selected to the Academy now. Overall, the situation in the judiciary got worse, and the polls of public trust in the judiciary reflect that, Ilievski said.