Alliance of Albanians spokesman Arben Zeqiri said that this party is stronglyu determined to ensure the defeat of the current SDSM – DUI coalition and to ensure justice for the corruption on the part of its officials.

AA is the largest of the three opposition ethnic Albanian parties, and together with VMRO-DPMNE, it leads the push to remove SDSM and DUI from power. DUI is especially target of the Albanian opposition parties, because of the high levels of corruption and incompetence shown by its officials during their 17 years in power, displayed most shocking with the Tetovo hospital fire that killed 14 patients and family members.

The citizens demand justice. They want the stolen money returned. They are appalled by the folklore that is used to cover up the crime. All who extort the citizens and businesses, all who plunder the national budget, will be held accountable, Zeqiri said.